IAM Hobart (at Geoff Long Music)
Music education for ALL ages

  • Book your kids in for lessons today!

    Book your kids in for lessons today!

  • Start your new classes today!

    Start your new classes today!

IAM Hobart is proud to be part of Australia's own award-winning Encore music, where we teach music as a language from ages 2 to 12. Much more than just music lessons, our aural-based classes are built on solid research, a holistic approach in all the components necessary to develop the overall musician and not just the technician. Your child will learn not just to play, but to listen, sing, read, write AND compose music. All taught in an unpressured, age appropriate environment, with qualified and friendly teachers. Sets them up for any instrument. Sets them up for life!

Building on years of providing quality, local music education, our individual lessons are available for children from age 7, adolescents and adults in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Uke, Drums, Vocals. With 5 teaching studios to maximise lesson availability, our caring, experienced teachers will help you get where you want to go. Private lessons for children under 7 are not generally recommended. Whether it's your first time discovering an instrument, extra help for school, the challenge of an AMEB exam, or to reconnect with music you've left dormant, we can help.

No, it's NOT too late to learn. Our Adult teachers have vast experience between them, they know how to help at just the right place and level. Whether it's picking up from where you left off earlier in life, or trying an instrument you never thought possible, we offer individual and class lessons in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Uke, Drums, and Vocal. Check out our Microwave Your Music class, we reckon it's the quickest, easiest way to play along with songs you love. PLUS we even offer a weekly FREE piano class, so no adult has to miss out!