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Quality music education ages 2-102



“I use the chords you taught me. I even transposed For You by John Denver so I can play & sing a love song to my wife. She said it was a first in 35 years.”



“I really enjoyed learning things from Lyndon…He is a great teacher…I love how he will teach me keyboard how i will understand it…i had a ball learning the keyboard.”



“I was thinking the other night how much work you put into it all, and wanted to say THANK YOU. It is easy to take you and your work with Microwave Music for granted. Your work has helped me and our team greatly.”



“I am having a ball doing all this, and finally comprehending some of the music things which have been a mystery since I first had piano lessons at age 11 and didn’t understand anything.”



“Heaps of people wanted to hear the song. It sounded really good through the DJ’s system and with all the background noise of the wedding. But over all they both loved the song and lots of people requested a copy!! P.S. I have booked three more gigs as a wedding singer!!”

R.J. (wrote and performed his first song at a relative’s wedding)


“Microwave music is the easiest form of learning an instrument I have ever tried. It’s broken down into understandable enjoyable sessions and has made a huge difference in my playing abilities. Thank you!”



“After spending a few years in High School learning the piano I gave it up after becoming bored and frustrated with my slow progress. 15 years later with my interest and desire in learning music still very much alive I enrolled in a Microwave Music course. I was, and still am, amazed that after only 8 lessons I am now able to play many contemporary songs and I now enjoy the piano rather than be frustrated by it. Thank you.”



“Microwave your music is for anyone!! I’ve been amazed and encouraged at how quickly a “non musical” person like myself have learnt not just to play chords but songs as well on the guitar in such a short space of time. Microwave your music is a fantastic way to develop a good foundation in music.”



“I have been learning guitar, and more recently keyboard, for the last 2 ½ years using the Microwave Music method. I cannot speak highly enough of Microwave Music. I am playing songs faster than I ever thought possible and have a far superior knowledge and appreciation of music. Lyndon is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend Microwave Music.”



“All my life I had dreamt of being able to play the piano but had decided that I was just not “gifted” because after learning to play the traditional way for about 18 months when I was young, I found it was just too hard to read music, so I gave up. I never knew there was any other way to learn until I found out about Microwave Music. Now I play the piano for pleasure, either reading chords from sheet music or playing a song by ear and it wasn’t hard to learn. If you’ve ever wanted to play for the sheer joy of it, I highly recommend Microwave Music as an affordable, interesting and easy way to learn.”



“Microwave Your Music has managed to remove the mystery out of music. It’s given me the confidence to try something different. And the skills to apply the knowledge across a wide range of musical styles and instruments.”



“This is an outstanding music course that does what it promises. I’m amazed and impressed in how much I’ve learnt in such a short time.”



“When I first heard of your concept I was very skeptical. Looking through my ‘classical piano’ eyes over 2 decades of lessons, playing, plus being a music teacher, I just couldn’t see how you could possibly teach someone to play with only a few months of lessons. Impossible, or so I wrongly thought. Now, with a greater understanding of what you’re on about, I think the concept is awesome, achievable, sound – very clever.”



“I was looking for a teacher who would inspire creativity and passion for music. My hopes have been totally surpassed. After almost two years of lessons we still leave our music lessons encouraged and excited about what we’ve learned!”



“Fun, full, but easy to follow. The style taught is contemporary and progress made is rapid, so I was playing basic accompaniments in no time.”



“Fantastic manual – truly wonderful information on the various instruments.”



“Everything has been extremely helpful – particularly colour chords and easy access to ‘complex’ musical terms…it moved me to the ‘next level’ of my musical ability.”



“Music made easy.”



“The whole concept of music has been simplified/demystified.”



“I wished I’d done this sort of course twenty five years ago. I’ve certainly enjoyed it and learnt plenty to go on with.”



“Ab fab! The guy’s a genius.”



“Endless possibilities to build upon…do it…it was just amazing.”



“I am an old age pensioner who discovered the joy of playing music when I started microwave your music. (It) will launch you into the world of contemporary music and is a must for all ages. It has changed my life and I can not recommend it highly enough.”



“I started from scratch not even knowing where middle C was! After 4 weeks I could play a couple of songs and I was really encouraged by the way I could learn so quickly. I am playing regularly in our local worship team and going to other churches to play. I am really grateful that I have been given a chance to do something that I had wanted to do for ages.”



“Microwave Music allows almost anybody even somebody in my age group of mid 60’s to start to play…because results came so quickly my enthusiasm just grew and grew. Even if you have only a slight interest in playing an instrument you will be pleasantly surprised at how this reduces much of the complexity of music, there is much enjoyment awaiting you. Try it.”



“Microwave music is the quickest and easiest way to play contemporary music.”



“Microwave music is a cool way to learn the contemporary style.”


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